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Biblical Financial Planning and Stewardship Course for Small Church Groups

Dear Pastors and Church Leaders:

As a CPA and ordained minister I have counseled with Christians for over thirty years. It is apparent to me that one of satan’s greatest weapons against God’s children is financial enslavement. When it comes to understanding what the Bible teaches about financial planning and stewardship many church members are slowly perishing from a lack of wisdom. So many in church today are so overwhelmed by debt and the consequences of poor financial decision making that they are unable to fulfill the purposes which the Lord sent them to earth to accomplish. Sadly, the result is much lost treasure, both earthly and eternal. This was never the Lord’s intention for us and our finances. I believe that the Lord has led me to develop a Biblical Financial Planning and Stewardship course that churches can teach in a small group setting.

The three book series, Money Came by the House the Other Day, Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom and the Money Came by the House the Other Day Study Guide, have been especially developed for church small groups and cells groups. Together these three books are informative and powerful foundational texts for teaching virtually all aspects of Christian financial planning and stewardship.

The small group class based upon these books provides both strong Bible based teaching and easy to understand practical applications on topics such as:

  • How to overcome and defeat debt
  • The supernatural power of giving
  • How to establish an emergency fund
  • Preparing a personal balance sheet and income statement
  • Honest analysis of your financial situation
  • How to prepare a budget
  • How to buy stocks and mutual funds
  • How to buy bonds and other fixed income assets
  • How to buy a house
  • How to analyze and purchase various types of insurance
  • How to prepare for the cost of your children’s college education
  • How to prepare for retirement, and much more.

Biblical Financial Planning and Stewardship Course
Three Book Set: $33.00 + free s/h (within US)
Minimum order of 10 sets.

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